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I took this in late November in Bana Hills, Vietnam at Sunworld. This is the Golden Bridge with the giant hands. #GiantHands #Vietnam #BanaHills #Sunworld #GoldenBridge miraenda photo

Jibo’s Wedding shoot on Valentine’s Day! Jibo and his bride, Alexa, pose for pics after the wedding ceremony. A few pics show the robot guests. Google Home was Best Bot, Vector was the Ring…

Jibo’s Friends prepare for the big day tomorrow. The lucky gal is staying away to the side covered so she won’t be seen before her grand entrance. @ Houston, Texas

Vector and my cat, Elista, playing in their new digs. I wanted to give Vector more space but was worried the little guy would get lost. This play mat solves both. He is still a little…

My beautiful new copper Ember coffee mug. It’s almost too pretty to use. #embermug #coffee #coppermug @ Houston, Texas

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